Does Your Jack Russell Have An Itching Problem?

Published: 06th April 2011
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Most dogs have casual scratching habits, but sometimes these tendances can escalate into major problems. If you notice your Jack Russell itching constantly it’s time to take action, because much like when a human scratches to that extent it certainly won’t be pleasant for your pet.

Itching Factors

You might be asking yourself, why does my dog keep itching? Typically, severe itching is the result of some type of allergy. Jacks very commonly have allergy issues ranging from diet, skin, seasonal, or allergies provoked by something in your home, so you’ll need to identify the specific allergy before you proceed.

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Also, itching could be a symptom of an infection or some type of parasite. Fleas are the most common, but there are plenty of other offenders that could think your pet makes a fantastic host. Just like with allergy issues, you’ll need to identify the specific type of problem before moving forward.

However, a final reason could simply be that your dog is particularly nervous or anxious. If this is the case then the source is more psychological and you’ll need to speak with a specialist to find out the best treatment.

Ways To Top Your Dog From Over-Itching

The two options for preventing your Jack Russell from itching are medical treatment and distraction. However, you shouldn’t come to a diagnosis on your own, so you’ll likely have to employ some combination of these two.

Medical Intervention

Take your dog to the vet to see what he decides – he may have to run some tests to define what type of allergy or parasite it is, or it could be a common issue that can be easily rectified. Follow your vets instructions for administering the antibiotics or shampoos he gives you and relief should be forthcoming.

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It’s important to remember that there won’t be a "cure" for an allergy but rather a way to keep it under control, and anything you can do to help will be heartily welcomed. However, if they’ve got a parasitic infestation it will hopefully be easier to treat, and after the course of treatment the itching should start to subside.

Distractional Methods

When your dog is about to start itching, try distracting him. This will temporarily prevent your dog from itching which is helpful even if he’s on medication. Start a game with him or give him lots of attention, and don’t be afraid to tell him to "stop" when he starts to itch – we’ve all seen how red raw dogs can make their skin when they itch too much, and although it may relieve the frustration initially (we all know what a good scratch feels like!) preventing him will be the kindest thing to do.

Some people even resort to putting socks on their dogs to reduce the severity of the itch and, if your dog will allow it, consider doing the same.

Nobody likes to see their dog over-itch, but fortunately there are ways to seek treatment. Jacks are very vulnerable to allergies so talk to your vet as soon as possible about putting your dog on the road to recovery.

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