Jack Russell Terrier Shedding Problem

Published: 02nd April 2011
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Due to widespread rumours and false information, few realize that Jack Russells shed. Donít believe those who tell you they donít. Indeed, Jacks not only shed but shed a great deal, much more than most breeds, in fact. Jack Russell terrier shedding is something that all owners will have to put up with, but it certainly shouldnít change your feelings about owning such a pet.

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The Jack Russell Coat

Jack Russell terriers have three distinct types of coats. A "smooth" coat is the shortest type, "broken" is a little longer, and "rough" refers to the longest, scruffiest kind of coat. Aside from length, these coats are similar in terms of texture and all three are susceptible to shedding.

Donít think that having a short haired variety will get you off the hook either. All types of Jack Russell terrier coats are subject to shedding and perhaps even an increase of shedding with smooth coats.

How To Keep Control

Here are a few facts to be mindful of. Most of the fur Jack Russells have is white, so your house might soon seem like itís been hit with snow. Also, because their fur is so course it tends to cling wherever it lands, meaning that vacuuming might take some time.

Vacuuming can help the aftermath of shedding, but you may need to find ways to strengthen cleaning procedure due to their kind of fur. Try keeping a thick roll of tape around to strip the coarse hair off of the floor and furniture and keep things cleaner. Sure, there are a variety of hair-removal tools you could buy, but none or as effective or economic as tape.

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Grooming Can Go A Long Way

Grooming can go a long way. This might be the number one way to reduce shedding, because if you can catch more hair with a brush there will be less to end up on the couch. Grooming not only helps your pet keep a healthy coat, but allows you to reach those tufts of hair with a bristle brush before they reach your floor.

Regular brushings should be enough grooming, unless your dog has an especially rough or broken coat, in which case youíll have to attack the shedding harder. Some coats will need professional trims to maintain control, while some owners get stripping combs to tend to dead clumps of fur. Another popular myth is that bathing can help, but while bathing is necessary it doesnít do much for shedding and in fact can irritate the dogs skin if they are bathed too frequently, which will only make matters worse.

So, accept the fact that all dogs shed, and donít be under the illusion that this breed is any different. White tufts of fur are likely to appear throughout your house from time to time. As long as youíre prepared to groom, clean, and groom some more, you and your Jack Russell can enjoy a happy life together.

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