The Jack Russell Terrier Personality

Published: 06th April 2011
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While acquiring your first Jack Russell is a joyous experience, it’s important to understand the character of the Jack Russell terrier in order to determine if this type of dog is right for your home. Knowing more about the personality of this type of dog is key, as no trainer can change the innate character of this breed. Are you considering adopting a Jack Russell? Here’s a rundown of some important facts you’ll need to know.

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Lots Of Energy

Jack Russells are incredibly active dogs, and therefore they’ll need regular exercise and plenty of space to play. These dogs love gardens and yards, but do less well cramped in an apartment. These dogs can bore easily, so they need constant stimulation such as interaction, toys, and walks. Keep a tight lease on them during your walks because these energetic creatures might bolt off somewhere if they aren’t kept in check.

Natural Hunters

Due to years of breeding, the Jack Russell has a hunter’s personality. Such instincts manifest themselves when Jack Russells confront animals smaller than them (cats and hamsters won’t make for the best companions) and also a possessiveness of their owners. This can border on aggression, and their fearless nature means they could get themselves in trouble. But, they make fantastic guard dogs!

Faithful And Adoring

Even with this hunter mentality that causes the Jack Russell to be aggressive toward some other dogs, there is no denying that they are also extremely loving and devoted creatures. They can be a great companion and love spending time with their owners, and will often try to attract the necessary attention to ensure their contentment. Jack Russells are warm at heart and through proper training they will learn to extend their warmth to others.


Another distinguishing characteristic of the Jack Russell is their propensity to bark. Again it probably hails from the days they were used as hunters, and is something that can’t easily be trained out – nor should it be. Barking is an attempt to communicate, and this chatty attitude is part of what makes this breed so endearing.

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Crave attention

They’re incredibly social creatures and always like to be at the centre of attention. They dislike being alone and can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. When necessary they will provide their own entertainment, occupying their time by digging phantom holes or chasing bugs and shadows.

Smart Dogs

A major advantage of the Jack Russell terrier personality is their intelligence. They pick up on routines quickly, but can also be inflexible when faced with new training. They enjoy concise obedience classes and, if rewarded properly, will master new tricks easily.

This just a preliminary overview of the Jack Russell personality. Due to their intelligence, loyalty, and sociability these dogs make for wonderful household pets. They’re ideal for active families that love being outside and they also need someone that can devote the time to train them, so if you love animals that can offer love and companionship as well as endless amusement then the Jack Russell terrier personality will suit you perfectly.

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